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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Interview - Jessica Therrien the author of "Oppression"

The interview

1. Tell us something about yourself. How did your passion for books and writing start?
Well, my mom is an English teacher, so I've always loved the written word. I didn't discover my love for reading until Harry Potter. After that I was hooked to the fantasy genre. I started writing books after the YA genre exploded, and I haven't stopped since.

2. What inspired you to write this book?
I was looking for the next big YA hit after Twilight and The Hunger Games. I wasn't finding anything that interested me, so I decided I would write it.

3. Is music a part of your inspiration?
Absolutely. I love to write to music. I listen to all kinds.

4. Do you have any ritual that you do each time before you begin to write?
Not really. I like to write when I feel inspired. You never know when something will come to you. I'll write anywhere and any time.

5. Do you see the world through new eyes since you've become a writer?
Yes. When I wrote Oppression I was able to take my time and enjoy the writing process. Now that I have to work with deadlines, I miss the freedom to write when I want. I hate having to rush.

6. What was the opinion of the first person who read your book?
The first person to read my book was my mother. Of course she thought it was amazing (all mothers would think that of their kids). In truth it needed a lot of work. I almost completely re-wrote the entire thing. The first draft is nothing like the published version.

7. If in real life, if you could choose to be one of the fantasy characters, who would it be? Why?
In my own book, I'd choose to be Rachel because she can fly :)

8. Do you have any other passion besides writing?
I do. I love to scrapbook, sew, make jewelry, play guitar...and I'm a bit of a TV addict.

9. What advice would you give writers who are starting out?
My advice is always to go to a writers conference. You'll meet great people. Get amazing advice, and who knows, you may even meet your agent or publisher there. I did.

10. A message to readers from Romania: 
THANK YOU!! Romanian readers have been so unbelievably sweet to me :) You guys are awesome!


Elyse knows what it means to keep a secret. She's been keeping secrets her whole life. Two, actually. First, that she ages five times slower than the average person, so that while she looks eighteen years old, she's closer to eighty. Second, that her blood has a mysterious power to heal. For Elyse, these things don't make her special. They make life dangerous. After the death of her parents, she's been careful to keep her secret as closely guarded as possible. Now, only one other person in the world knows about her age and ability. Or so she thinks. Elyse is not the only one keeping secrets. There are others like her all over the world, descendants of the very people the Greeks considered gods. She is one of them, and they have been waiting for her for a long time. Among so many of her kind, she should not be very remarkable--except for the prophecy. Some believe she will put an end to traditions, safeguarded by violence, which have oppressed her people for centuries. Others are determined to keep her from doing just that. But for Elyse, the game is just beginning--and she's not entirely willing to play by their rules.

About the Author

Hi! I’m the author of OPPRESSION & UPRISING, books 1 & 2 in my YA paranormal series, CHILDREN OF THE GODS (ZOVA Books). I am represented by literary agent/rockstar, Marisa A. Corvisiero, of the Corvisiero Literary Agency. Usually I’m not pregnant, but right now I am. So be prepared for some baby blogging in between the writing updates. While I wait patiently for my baby factory to finish building my mini-me I’m working on book 3 in my series, most likely in my pajamas.

Source about the author: Jessica Therrien's Blog


Cristinab said...

frumos interviu.
conferinte cu scriitori in Ro... nu prea am auzit. si daca sunt, presupun sa sunt rare rare.
as vrea sa merg si eu la una.
imi place coperta cartii si descrierea. o trec pe lista de lectura.
multumim pt interviu.

ioana alexandra said...

cartea asta mi-a atras atentia de mult timp si as vrea sa o citesc
Jessica mi se pare foarte draguta:)

Sabryy said...

Frumoase raspunsuri.:)

Sabryy said...

Mi-as fi dorit sa citesc cartea asta, pare foarte interesanta.<3

Nastya Paun said...

"My advice is always to go to a writers conference. You'll meet great people. Get amazing advice, and who knows, you may even meet your agent or publisher there. I did."asta nu stiam.